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How to participate

Step 1: Complete Self Assessment

Complete the self assessment form to determine your homes suitability for a solar hot water system. The Self Assessment form can be found here. Once you have determined that your home is potentially suitable for a system and you would like to speak to an installer to continue with the process, go to Step 2.

Step 2: Register with Sustainable Ottawa

You will need your member number in order to register for the Solar H2Ottawa program. If you are not already a member of Sustainable Ottawa, you need to sign up here. Once you have received your membership number, go here and complete the registration form for the project.

Step 3: Sustainable Ottawa sends out Information Package

Once you have successfully registered for the program, you will receive a confirmation email from Sustainable Ottawa including more information about the program. This includes the contact information of the installers we have partnered with and the paperwork requirements (which the installers will also have copies of) that are required for you to receive the Sustainable Ottawa incentive.

Step 4: Select an Installer

The following systems are eligible for the Solar H2Ottawa incentive:

  • Enerworks
  • Apricus
  • Solensis
  • CarEARTH
  • Veissmann
  • Velux

Sustainable Ottawa will provide you with the contact information of three installers who are offering preferential pricing to Sustainable Ottawa members. You are under no obligation to use these installers, but if you would like to use a different installer, you must contact Sustainable Ottawa first to ensure they are eligible. Eligible installers are CANSIA certified and recommended by the system manufacturer. You should bring your completed self-assessment form to the installer for discussion as well as your confirmation email from Sustainable Ottawa so they can verify that you have successfully registered for the program.

NOTE: If you plan to apply for the ecoENERGY Retrofit for Homes program, ensure that you complete your initial audit prior to installing the system. Sustainable Ottawa has partnered with the EnviroCentre in Ottawa to provide Sustainable Ottawa members with priority service to these audits at a cost of $300.00.

Step 5: Get System Installed

Either through one of the Sustainable Ottawa partner installers or an installer of your choice (that has been approved by Sustainable Ottawa), have system installed. Your contract, financing, payment and warranty should be dealt with between you and the installer only. Sustainable Ottawa is not involved in the purchasing and ongoing maintenance/warranty process.

Step 6: Complete Required Paperwork

With the installer, complete the required paperwork to be eligible for the grant. This includes a certification by you that the system has been installed and allows the federal government to access your property to verify this. The second is a form that is completed by both you and the installer that details specific evaluation and monitoring data for your system. If you have any concerns regarding the information requested, please contact Sustainable Ottawa to discuss. Both of these documents will need to be submitted to Sustainable Ottawa before we can process your rebate under Solar H2Ottawa.

NOTE: At this point you can do your follow up audit for the ecoENERGY Retrofit for Homes program. Sustainable Ottawa is not involved in this process.

Step 7: Submit Paperwork to Sustainable Ottawa

Mail or drop off payment to the Sustainable Ottawa office:
158 Winther Ave
Ottawa, ON K1H 6E2

Step 8: Sustainable Ottawa Processes Payments

At least once per quarter, Sustainable Ottawa will submit paperwork to the government in order to receive payment for the systems installed. It is anticipated that Sustainable Ottawa will do this more frequently in order to expedite payment to members, however, it will occur quarterly at a minimum.

Step 9: Sustainable Ottawa sends Cheque to Member

Sustainable Ottawa will send your $1200 cheque out within 10 business days from receiving payment from the federal government.

Step 10: Sustainable Ottawa follows up with Member

Sustainable Ottawa will communicate with program participants annually as part of the evaluation and monitoring plan. This will be to assess ongoing satisfaction with the system and address any concerns.