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Community partners

Tucker Renewal House Centre

1731 Tucker Road, Rockland

$25 off the administration fee for a retreat booking. Free educational workshops for schools, businesses, and community groups.

Tucker House is a charitable retreat and environmental learning centre that promotes sustainable living. This 30-acre facility is located in Rockland, Ontario (30 minutes east of Ottawa) and has several environmental programs for the local and wider community. Tucker House conducts workshops and activities at the Rockland facility as well as at special events held within Ottawa. Families and community groups can rent out this 1870s Georgian manor for events and activities.

Ecology Ottawa

Founded in 2006, Ecology Ottawa has grown into one of the largest organizations in the city focused on local environmental issues.

We are a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. We believe that Ottawans want sustainable communities and that they care about issues such as public transit, pollution, green space, global warming, renewable energy, waste disposal, and recycling. We are helping residents come together to nurture sustainable communities and build a grassroots, city-wide movement to ensure that these concerns are heard at city hall.

More information about Ecology Ottawa can be found at


SLOE, sustainable living Ottawa east, is a committee of the Ottawa East Community Association. SLOE members are Ottawa East residents who are willing to take a lead role in sustainability projects in our community, or to take a lead on organizational or administrative functions such as communications. So membership is quite informal, though members are expected to attend the bi-monthly meetings on a regular basis, and to keep the chair and other members abreast of developments on the project(s) they are helping to lead.

SLOE works as a sort of “project incubator,” supporting good ideas and the commitment of individuals willing to put energy behind those ideas. Proposed projects are discussed and agreed to at SLOE bi-monthly meetings; and these meetings is also a forum for strategizing and team-building. If you have a project idea and are willing to take a lead with us in making it happen, please get in touch or come to one of our monthly meetings.

Our modus operandi reflects the fact that many people who are keen to help make particular projects happen are not necessarily interested in membership and meetings. The great work done by these kinds of individuals has been critical to SLOE’s achievements to date.

More information about SLOE can be found at


SLOWest is an organization where we think the following combine to form a creative and life-giving response to the opportunities within the crises we face: focus primarily on what we can do rather than on what ‘they’ should do – our actions are one way to encourage others to do what they need to do; honor and follow your passion/interests; work on the ‘pieces’ that attract you and stay connected to the ‘whole’; undertake responses together – not just as individuals and households; move into action together on specific projects – don’t stay with discussion or wait until we have it all figured out; focus on a specific geographic area so discussions and projects are grounded, practical and tangible; maintain a ‘human scale’ to the initiative; address social and economic inequity in the design of projects; identify, engage and build on the existing strengths and assets of the community; support this outer work through a deepening of our relations with our selves, each other, the natural world and the source of life – the heart and soul of transition; as a group we need to ‘Be the Change’: welcome the uniqueness of each person; find unity within our diversity; respect each person’s experience as true for them; find responses that go beyond polarizations.

More information about SLOWest can be found at

Kanata Environmental Network

The Kanata Environmental Network (KEN) is a volunteer-run organization in the community of Kanata, Ontario. We share information about practical, ecologically-friendly solutions with Kanata residents, and work towards a green and healthy future for all. KEN is 100% volunteer run. We keep our expenses low and we are mostly supported by a ten-dollar, annual KEN membership. Our events are open to the public and are usually free. We advertise our events through our email list and in the local media. We limit our emails to two or three a month. You do not need to be a member to be on the email list. Occasionally, we run some small, fun events for members.

Information about KEN can be found at

National Capital Environmental Network

The National Capital Environmental Nonprofit Network is a collaboration of environmental nonprofits in the Ottawa area. The National Capital Environmental Nonprofit Network (NCENN) is an initiative with the following goals: to share information and resources among local environmental groups in the national capital region; to provide opportunities for networking among ENGO staff, Board members, and volunteers; and to provide capacity-building opportunities that address specific needs and concerns in the local environmental sector . The NCENN holds monthly networking sessions hosted by various local environmental groups. There are also two larger Capacity-Building Workshops held each year.

Information at NCEN activities and workshops can be found at

Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop (OREC)

OREC was created to allow residents of the City of Ottawa to jointly own and finance renewable energy generation projects in their communities, and earn a reasonable return while doing so.

OREC provides an opportunity to invest in renewable energy for those without the time, money or space to invest in their own system. OREC also allows members to invest in larger community scale renewable energy projects. The Coop pools investment from its members to finance renewable power systems and provides a financial return by selling power to the grid under an Ontario feed-in tariff FIT or MicroFIT contract.