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To become a member of Sustainable Ottawa, you must fill out a membership form and pay a membership fee of $40 for a five year membership. When your fee is received, you will be sent the membership package which will include your membership share. In order to become a member Download, Print and Mail the membership form along with your $40. To download the membership form, click here.

Or complete the following information in the form below and mail your membership fee of $40 (made payable to Sustainable Ottawa Community Energy Co-operative Inc) to: Sustainable Ottawa Community Energy Co-operative Inc,
158 Winther Ave,
Ottawa, ON K1H 6E2

Membership Online Form

By completing the following form I agree to purchase one (1) membership share at a par value of forty dollars ($40.00), representing a five (5) year membership in Sustainable Ottawa Community Energy Co-Operative Inc (Sustainable Ottawa).

I agree to comply with the Bylaws of Sustainable Ottawa as ratified by the membership at the AGM, and apply for membership therein, and herewith pay the sum of $40.00 (non-refundable) for my membership fee.

I understand that I am not a member with voting privileges until my membership has been approved by the Board of Directors of Sustainable Ottawa at the next regular monthly Board meeting held following receipt of this application.

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